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Label Scratch off / scratch and silver color on pvc rectangular sticker

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Write. Paste. To scratch.It's easy to create your scratch cards ! ideal for betting or lotteries.writeon a sheet of paper. You can also use a printer.Paste: it is just like a sticker. scratching: take a coin and scratch!Sold insingle pieceson reels of different sizes. The pieces are available in various sizes, all rectangular, some silver and some with the Zebrato model.

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Adhesive labels in silver label scratch-off (TIPO GRATTA E VINCI)

The silver part can be scratched off with either nails or a coin or other objects and so will bring up what is hidden underneath.

Create a scratch off area on a postcard or a printed onerequires large print runs and often prohibitive costs.These labels are the solution to the problem: have your material printed by whomever you prefer and apply these labels on your printout, you'll getthe same and identical effectbut with avery low costand without limits of circulation.


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