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Adhesive anti-tampering labels - 42 pieces

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  • Anti-tampering labels with warranty seal.

  • 42 pieces pack, 1 cm x 2.5 cm each one.

  • Discounted price for multiple pieces.

  • Ideal for protecting parts of pc, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones; water resistant.

  • Measurements and quantities with personalized writings over 1000 pieces.

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These sticky labels will ruin and break irreparably at the first attempt of removing.

These warranty seals are stickers printed on an ultra-detachable pvc, they stick instantly as soon as they are positioned on any surface, they are easy to apply as a common adhesive even on flat, curved, concave and convex surfaces.

These seals are used on all products under warranty and they are placed to certify a possible tampering attempt by the customer.

They are widely used by all service and repair centers and outlets of any electronic, telephone, computer, mechanical sector and any other type of use.



Producto muy profesional. Era propio lo que estaba buscando.



    Materiale ottimo,propio quello che cercavamo.
    Usate su Notebook per preservare la garanzia.

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      Adhesive anti-tampering labels - 42 pieces

      Adhesive anti-tampering labels - 42 pieces


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