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Tamper Evident Security Seal Tape Red Antitheft

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  • Safety tape that it looks like a common packet tape, but its special adhesive composition makes it an effective anti-tampering system.
  • This adhesive tape is an ideal product for packing valuable and high-risk products, it acts as an anti-theft device and allows you to check if the packaging has been tampered with.
  • Available in red, width 25/50mm x 50m.

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Tamper evident sealing tape is a product made of film covered with anti-adhesive silicone layer on one side and glue on the other. Due to that it can be wound on a roll as standard packaging tape.

It is used to seal different kind of packages with valuable and confidential content in a way that every attempt of opening them causes visible and permanent marks.  

Due to the low substrate thickness and high adhesion, the safety tape ensures optimum cartridge closure and perfect adhesion to the surfaces, so it is difficult to remove. The Tamper Box security tape is the most practical and cost-effective safety device for cardboard packaging. Tamper Box responds perfectly to the needs of greater airborne shipping security in compliance with recent European legislation. Important; once unplugged, the tape is no longer re-usable, and it can’t attack more.

When you peel off this self-adhesive tape it leaves a warning message indication the package has been opened (“Opened – Abierto – Ouvert – Aperto”). Once the tape has been used it loses its adhesion meaning that it cannot be used again.

These security seal tapes are used on all products under warranty and they are placed to certify a possible tampering attempt by the customer.

They are widely used by all service and repair centers and outlets of any electronic, telephone, computer, mechanical sector and any other type of use.

This security seal tape is an excellent alternative for traditional packaging tape when additional protection against third party interference is necessary (cardboard boxes, pallets, packages etc.).


Measure5-910-1920 +
25mm x 50 Mt.

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50mm x 50 Mt.

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Prodotto veramente eccellente, ho provato altri tipi di nastro, ma questo è veramente eccellente... sicuramente lo riacquisterò. spedizione super veloce .






      Ok resiste bene e la qualità è medio buona per il prezzo va bene



        il nastro è propio quello che cercavo,ideale per pacchi di una certa importanza

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          Tamper Evident Security Seal Tape Red Antitheft

          Tamper Evident Security Seal Tape Red Antitheft

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