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112 Adhesive and security hologram seals with double writing



  • 112 security hologram stickers measuring 4x1 cm, silver color with orographic refractivity.

  • Mirror-effect printed with double lettering for a maximum guarantee.

  • Holographic material,leave a mark once removed as shown in the picture.

  • Ideal for protecting components from tampering, your correspondence and more!

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Protection labels are used widely throughout the world and on many products.are the most reliable security solution to protect against counterfeit goods .

In the eyes of the consumer, holograms are immediately associated with high quality, when an attempt is made to remove the hologram, the same breaks, leaving a text on the bottom, avoiding the reuse of the hologram.

We therefore guarantee the excellent quality of this product.

Discount for multiple purchases.

Apply on a clean and dry surface.

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