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StickersLab Clear Anti-Slip Spray - 400ml

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  • StickersLab spray suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to apply in a few minutes; make sure the surface is dry and perfectly clean.
  • Perfect to increase the safety in pedestrian areas.
  • Max Coverage 1.5-2.5 m2.It doesn’t damage surfaces.
  • All our anti slip products comply DIN 51130 rules and they obtained the highest mark in ant slip tests (R13).
  • Suitable for wood, metal, brick, marble etc , It can be put on any surfaces to prevent slips.

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A causa della Emergenza Covid i tempi di consegna e trasporto possono subire ritardi
A causa della Emergenza Covid i tempi di consegna e trasporto possono subire ritardi

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According to some statistics, accidents due to slipping represent 24% of work-related accidents in Europe, but the risk is always present in domestic environments for children or old people.

Our ant slip tapes are the most effective solution to reduce at minimum some falls due to slipping.

StickersLab anti-slip spray is an acrylic resin-based spray paint with anti-slip particles. It was conceived for increasing the safety in places, such as stairs, showers, floors, terraces, swimming pool edges, handrail, etc.

It was indicated for a better grip in various objects and surfaces. It assures a better grip in slipping surfaces reducing the risk of falls.

Moreover, it has a long durability and it is easy to apply. It is waterproof and resistant to UV rays and detergents, so it adapts easily in any situation.

Spray application creates an anti-slip and scratchy surface. Anti-slip properties increase with the increasing of substrates applied.

You can apply it on metal, plastic, wood, marble, floor, and much more. Anyway, it is recommended to make a preventive compatibility test.

Apply the product in temperatures between 20° and 30° C. Don’t use it in temperatures under 10°C.

Drying time is variable in according to product quantity (thickness) applied, weather and moisture. It doesn’t contain lead, chromium and cadmium.

Apply on a dry and clean surface.


Très ant dérapant

Cet atomiseur m'a sauvé la vie dans des escaliers trop glissant, déjà il colle très bien, n'a jamais bougé, si on prend la peine de nettoyer à l'alcool la surface plane avant de le poser. Ensuite il accroche vraiment et est très anti dérapant.


    Buona soluzione

    L'ho usato ad una fiera per aumentare il grip di una rampa di accesso agli stand. Perfetto perché avevo bisogno di un prodotto facile da applicare e che fosse facile da eliminare successivamente


      Prodotto Valido

      Valido anche per superfici non proprio lisce tipo pedane in acciaio zigrinato.


        Funziona bene

        Funziona bene come da descrizione. Buon prodotto, spedizione tutto sommato veloce

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          StickersLab Clear Anti-Slip Spray - 400ml

          StickersLab Clear Anti-Slip Spray - 400ml


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