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36 Antislip Aqua Safe bath circular decals/stickers - 4cm

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  • 36 stickers to be used in areas in contact with water, not abrasive, good adhesion to the surface.
  • More quantities will be sold all attached, reduced price, approved and certificated product with data sheet enclosed.
  • Soft structure for bare foot, safe and hygienic.
  • Waterproof, 4cm diametre each sticker.
  • These bath stickers prevent insidious falls; they are very essential.
  • Thanks to open mesh structure, the mat drains water remaining as dry surface reducing the risk of slipping.

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A causa della Emergenza Covid i tempi di consegna e trasporto possono subire ritardi

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Self-adhesive anti-slip circular decals made up of a light rubber surface on a soft polyester support, which makes the product suitable for bare-footed areas. Ideal product for showers, baths, changing rooms, sauna, trampolines, boats.

Enjoy the pleasure to put your feet on softness, without renouncing to reliability and durability of a product made with high quality material and taken care of.

The vinyl composition makes it bacteriostatic; the open mesh structure allows the carpet to drain the water, leaving it dry on the surface and reducing the risk of slipping.

Easy to wash with a water jet and neutral detergent; it maintains its effectiveness and excellent aesthetic appearance over time.

Sometimes, vivid and brilliant coloured tools are difficult to combine with own bath furniture. For this reason, these stickers are clear and transparent, so they combine perfectly with any bath furniture.


Mejor de la alfombra

Es mejor de la tradicional alfombra de baño, porque no se despriende tan facilmente.


    Gran prodotto

    con questi dischetti mi sento più tranquilla soprattutto con mia figlia, che non sa stare ferma sotto la doccia.


      Sotto la doccia

      Perfetto, impedisce di scivolare mentre si è in doccia.


        Dischetti adesivi antiscivolo

        L'adesivo aderisce perfettamente anche se il suolo è bagnato. Testato e approvato.

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