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Phosphorescent Anti Slip adhesive tape for indoors and outdoors - 25mm x 18,3m

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  • Adhesive anti slip tape, it can be put on any surfaces to avoid crashing falls.

  • It accumulatse the light during the day and then release it during the night, reloaded with both natural and artificial light.

  • During the day the tape looks like neutral white.

  • Sell ​​a roll of 25mm x 18.3m, apply on a dry and clean surface.

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According to some statistics, accidents due to slipping represent 24% of work-related accidents in Europe, but the risk is always present in domestic environments for children or old people.

Our ant slip tapes are the most effective solution to reduce at minimum some falls due to slipping.

This tape is composed by synthetic resin-aggregated abrasive particles that make sure all passage places.

Self-adhesive, it can be immediately applied at whatever surface you want to attach it, such as, boats, toilettes, stairs, floors, warehouses, leisure and in general every slippery place.

Great phosphorescent tape, it looks white in a daytime and fluorescent green in the dark, it recharges with every source of light. For this reason, it doesn't need of power energy, and it is self-adhesive, waterproof and easily removable.

Spectacular product that accumulates light and releases it at night for a very long time. It keeps its luminescence feature forever. To get a good glow on, the room needs to be as dark as possible.

For years, these photoluminescent tapes have been one of our best products. Indeed, they are very sticky (high tear strength). The light effect that can last about 6/8 hours will gradually deteriorate if the tape is not replaced near a light source.

The product can obviously be cut by the customer in according to his needs.

This tape has got a long durabilityand it is water resistant; it withstands also detergents and atmospheric agents. It respects European and Italian certifications and regulations (security and technical schedules are available on demand).

Additional units will be sold all attached at a discounted price (look up our price list).


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      Phosphorescent Anti Slip adhesive tape for indoors and outdoors - 25mm x 18,3m

      Phosphorescent Anti Slip adhesive tape for indoors and outdoors - 25mm x 18,3m