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3M™ 468MP Transparent double-sided foam tape strips 55MT

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The 3M 468 mp is one sided transfer with sticker # 200 mp 0.127 microns thick. The 3 m 468 MP is designed for bonding durability of plaques and decorative panels to metal surfaces or high surface energy plastics. 

The 3M 468 pis provided by 3M 200 mp acrylic adhesive, solvent-free adhesive high performance:


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3M adhesive transfer tapes

These 3M adhesive transfer tapes are modified Acrylic adhesives are ideal for highly resistant seal on many surfaces. The tapes have excellent chemical resistance and a high tightness even at high temperatures.

Designed for temperatures up to 149° C -Super smooth surface to improve transparency and allow even on thin plastic fronts. 

Application of the 3M 468 mp

Excellent fustellabilità. To further facilitate the process, lubricate the dies with volatile oil Linoleum of Metal Lubricants.  We recommend the combination of metal and rubber rollers, with moderate pressure. </span & lg;

Surfaces must be clean and dry, temperatures above 15° c. For cleaning use heptane or isopropyl alcohol, wipe with a clean cloth and allow the solvents are completely evaporated before application. Press carefully, possibly using a plastic spatula or a rubber roller. Wait 72 hours at room temperature before performing any tests.
Storage: The products maintain their characteristics for two years from the date of manufacture if properly stored at 22° C and 50% relative humidity, clean environment, away from direct sunlight. We recommend that you keep the coils in a horizontal position and in its original packaging. In case of partial use of the material it is recommended to reuse that packaging and replace media. 
Material machined: we recommend keeping the material processed in the same circumstances as recommended stock material to be processed, and at room temperature, in areas clean and free of excess moisture and direct sunlight. In any case the material processed should be stored until the moment of application in 0.1 mm thick polythene bags, which protect against humidity fluctualy

Water resistance: immersion in water has no appreciable effect on bond strength. Normally such strength is higher after dipping for 100 hours at room temperature. 
Resistance to chemical agents: se correttamente applicate, targhe e pannelli decorativi possono sopportare senza danno l’esposizione a numerosi agenti chimici, inclusi benzina, olio motore, Freon TF, soluzione salina e acidi e basi deboli. 


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10mm x 55MT

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Dank ich reparierte eine schwere platte an der wand und bewegt sich nicht.


    nastro biadesivo

    Tutto perfetto++++


      Biadesivo 3M

      Usato per attaccare dei cartelli in metallo su vari muri rifiniti a rustico molto irregolare e attacca benissimo. Sono contento di non aver scelto materiale più economico.


        fissa tutto

        adesivo di qualità utile a fissare qualsivoglia tipo di pannello ad altre superfici.
        Io l'ho utilizzato per incollare due pannelli di plastica e non si vede nemmeno e non si muovono!

        spedizione rapida



          ho fissato un pannello di circa 500 grammi alla parete e non si muove!

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            VHB double sided tape transparent 33MT to choose the various specifications at will

            VHB tapes 

            Length 33 MT to choose the width and the thickness desired, professional product cut da barra in Italy




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