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Silver reflective light powder – 50/100 gr

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  • Reflective pigment which reflects the light in the direction it comes from.
  • It can be mixed with several substances to make them refractive.
  • It makes the surface more visible in the darkness where it is applied, water and UV resistant.
  • Available in multiple weights, apply on a dry and clean surface.
  • Use a 1/3 ratio with solvent basis, don’t use water-based paints.
  • Professional product, data sheet available if requested.

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The package contains 50 or 100 grams of reflective full light powder, silver bright grey.

If you buy the only reflective powder, instead of packed prepared paint, you can have the chance to engage it for many different uses.

This reflective and bright grain pigment can be applied in just painted surfaces, or rather not dry yet. So, it adheres perfectly to the surface making it reflective.

You can use it for many different uses or in many several fields generally related to safety. For example, the powder could be applied for making visible objects located in dark places, but not only. It is ideal for people safety, road traffic safety, clothing and whatever circumstance which needs reflectivity.

Moreover, this pigment is composed by glass microspheres made with barium oxide, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide with a refraction rate of 1,93 nd.

Especially, the reflective pigment’s microspheres are coated with aluminium, therefore, it guarantees the best performance.

The pigment grains size is just 20-40 micron, so it is a very keen pigment.

More information: considering the powder has got a silver coating, and for this reason it oxides because of moisture over the time, don’t use water-based glosses.


50 Grams

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100 Grams

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Quantity prices are per quantity of mixed combinations


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Je l'ai mélangé avec un vernis à base acrylique pour peindre le portillon de ma maison. Résultat satisfaisant



    direi che si posso fare innumerevoli applicazioni molto utili.
    Io ho riveniciato un muretto di casa che è a boirdo strada e quando punti i fanali si vede moltissimo!

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