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EXTRA STRONG Glow in the dark glass granules for painting

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  • Powder with a strong ability to store light, natural or artificial, and to release it in the dark.
  • Available on request the technical data sheet, this pigment maintains its luminescent characteristics virtually forever.
  • Recommended mix ratio: about 500 gr binder in 50 gr of powder.
  • For information and advice on how to apply or use the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Choose colour and weight in the pull-down menu.

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These photoluminescent and phosphorescent powders are the highest commercial grade of new glowing material that after being exposed to light will absorb that light energy and then slowly release it over time. These glow in the dark powders will glow for hours in total darkness and offer a variety of practical, and fun uses. Mixing these glow powders in clear mediums such, as polyurethanes, epoxies, plastics or acrylic emulsions will render that medium to glow in the dark after being charged by light.

These pigments are loaded by exposure to a light source (sunlight, electric light or UV light), and slowly return the energy while lighting in the dark; no charging limit.

The pigment shines for a variable time following a fast and decreasing luminance curve, which subsequently it becomes stable for many hours. The luminescent effect can last until 12 hours.

They are suitable for different technical or artistic uses, thanks to their features they can be used on direct contact with the body, clothing, shoes, helmets, toys, watches, fishing or sports items.

This fantastic material works perfectly even with UV lights or WOOD lamps, once mixed you can color whatever you want, but it cannot be used in contact with human body.

Our long-lasting photoluminescent pigments are waterproof and ideal for use with varnishes of all types, based on water, acrylics, solvents, etc. These are the unique powders that can be mixed in water-based preparation without making any reaction because are coated with a special treatment.

These pigments are available in different colors and 1 single granulometry.

Pigments are easy to store for long periods of time.

Because of their long service life, they are particularly appreciated in the security field.

We recommend to use 50gr of pigment in relation to the used binder; it can be mixed with different substances provided that they are materials that let the light and the UV rays pass.

For better results, it is advisable to apply it on lightweight surfaces and in the last layer of paint (without covering it with additional paint).


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è come descritto, aggiungedolo alla vernice si ottiene un effetto luminescente. spedizione lenta

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    EXTRA STRONG Glow in the dark glass granules for painting

    EXTRA STRONG Glow in the dark glass granules for painting

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