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Frame protection film 1 mm thick SHELTER off road

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The SHELTER is a composite multilayer transparent-adhesive backing (50 layers from 200 micron 20 micron shockproof, scratch-resistant, thickness 1.2 mm) with viscoelastic behavior. Shelter is able to greatly increase the impact resistance of carbon fiber composites or metals to which it is applied. film thickness 1.2 mm-width 55 mm

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SHELTER protects against impact dispersing energy within your facility-, resists abrasion, to most common solvents, not yellow and has a semi-structural adhesion to the surface on which you pasted: not affected then the normal washings, but can still be removed – if necessary – without paint damage below. adheres to the chassis, you can remove it without damaging the paint. Shelter is a 1 mm thick transparent artifact consisting of 50 layers from 20 microns, viscoelastic, multilayered, which preserves the original aesthetics by attenuating shock and dispersing the impacts within their facility. <BR/& lg;
SHELTER is a combination of products and systems used in the Automotive and aerospace applications to protect the aesthetic and functional integritysurfaces and parts exposed to wear and scratches.

Is very conformable at room temperature, it does not require the use of heat to suit medium surface three-dimensionality and not the necessary equipment specific to your application, only cutter or scissors and a textile pad for ease of writing and exercise a uniform pressure. <br/& lg;
The adhesion to all surfaces complies AFERA 4001e is not affected by the prolonged exposure outdoors, SHELTER is UV resistant can withstand temperatures ranging from-30 c° to + 130C°. occasional contamination with gasoline, grease, oil, detergents do not alter <br/performance and durability.& Lg;
The impact resistance meets Gardner Impact testing. </p & lg;



Ottimo schelter. Me ne hanno messo anche in più.



    Prodotto di buona qualità, proprio quello che mi serviva e in tempi brevissimi.


      costoso ma perfetto

      Pellicola un po costosa ma veramente di altissima qualità, protegge molto bene dato lo spessore senza farsi notare troppo.

      Spedizione veramente celere e assistenza telefonica sulla scelta della pellicola corretta buona.


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        Scotchlite reflective material adhesive Chevron 3M™ series 580(UK680)

        Professional material with very nice spec to see and with a big safety effect.

        Kit 16 cm x 10 cm with 24 x 3 cm measurement 1 chevron, 5 cm each


        12 cm x 5 cm (2 pieces)2-23-45 +
        55mm x 50cm

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        55mm x 100cm

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        55mm x 300cm

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        55mm x 500cm

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