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Phosphorescent paint glows in the dark - 1l

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  • Paint with a strong ability to store light, natural or artificial, and to release it in the dark.
  • Available on request the technical data sheet, this paint maintains its luminescent characteristics virtually forever.
  • Spray suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Recomended for theatrical works to create evocative environments.
  • For information and advice on how to apply or use the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Choose colour and in the pull-down menu.

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This paint is particularly suitable for painting surfaces intended to be highlighted for a prolonged period of time under bad or dark conditions such as steps, signs, shadows.

The duration of the photoluminescent effect depends on good exposure to natural and artificial light, from environments without light pollution and from the amount of layers applied.

The paint is also recharged with UV lights or WOOD lamps.

The emissive power increases and recharges when it is subjected to a light source .

Can be used on a variety of media such as metal, plastic, wood etc. Dry to the touch after 15-20 minutes.

It contains no lead, cadmium and chromium.

It is important to keep the product out of the reach of children, flush it in ventilated areas and avoid contact with eyes and skin. The product is not radioactive.

Before using, refer to the technical safety instructions on the product

Do not apply at temperatures below 20 degrees.



Super produit !!! exactement ce que je voulais. Tout à fait phosphorescent dans le noir. Je suis ravie et je recommande ce produit. Très petit flacon, mais pour l'usage auquel cette peinture est destinée c'est plus qu'amplement suffisant. Le produit est un peu pâteux, mais ça ne m'a pas gêné.Je rachèterai sans aucun doute et les yeux fermés



    bellissima vernice ho fatto la camerettad dei bimbi ed è venuta molto bella.. appena posso vi mando le foto!

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