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Writable White Magnetic gridding tape - 1mt

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  • This magnetic tape can be engaged to fix non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces.
  • Ideal for using in the kitchen, workroom, offices and much more!
  • Width at your choice in 30 and 40mm for 1mt length.
  • You can write on with a pen, pencil or a permanent marker.
  • It perfectly adapts to smooth surfaces.
  • It is delivered in 1 meter stripes.

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White magnetic gridding tape, writable, it can be cut out for labeling; width 40 mm.

You can easily cut with the scissors in the desired length and write over it without any problems.

It is delivered in 1 meter stripes.

After cutting your magnetic tape in the desired length with a traditional scissor, you can write on it with a pencil, a pen, or a marker. In addition, all these items are printable with silk-screen printing or digital printing.

How to use:

  • Labeling shelves, cabinets, drawers.
  • Cropping figures of metal sheet for panelboards, panel presentations.
  • Hang photos in a invisibly way with magnetic tape

All the articles you find here are composed of powdered strontium ferrite contained in a flexible plastic material. In order to obtain good direct contact force with ferromagnetic surfaces, the magnetization is striped (the north and south poles alternate in a dense texture).

Most of these articles are anisotropic, which improves their attractiveness.
Be careful to apply the products on flat supports.
Technical specifications:
  • Thickness: 1 mm
  • Magnetization Type: Anisotropic
  • Attraction force: 80 g/cm²
  • Weight: 10 g/m


Width2-23 +
30mm (3cm)

5,78 €

5,46 €

40mm (4cm)

7,34 €

6,93 €

Quantity prices are per quantity of mixed combinations


Bon produit

Utilisé dans mon bureau pour l'étiquetage de mon dépôt. Bon produit.



    Buono per il prezzo e la qualità del prodotto. Spedizione veloce


      Nastro autoadesivo magnetico bianco con calamita

      Ottimo adesivo magnetico per lavagne a casa, a scuola e in ufficio. Si attacca perfettamente, si può ritagliare con comodità e ci si può scrivere sopra

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        Writable White Magnetic gridding tape - 1mt

        Writable White Magnetic gridding tape - 1mt

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