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Siliconic Car body Masking Tape in different sizes - 66mt

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  • Tape created for masquerading objects (like helmets) or when you need a thin edge to paint more colours and creating a net outline.
  • Weathering resistant siliconic tape for masking, with natural rubber adhesive for several paint needs.
  • It adapts to different sizes and it has got a good adhesion to multidimensional surfaces.
  • It adheres to various surfaces, it can be used with water paints and it is easily removed without leaving any residues.
  • It is sold a green roll in 66mt length in different widths.
  • Ideal for general masking such as painting or application in bodywork, painting and coating in powder and liquid, electrostatics for immersion liquids.

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Specifically developed for paint masks, easy to cut, thanks to its transparency allows an accurate positioning.

After painting it can be removed without leaving traces of adhesive, non-printable. Thickness 0,06 mm, used to sand glass or spray paints, it has a good holding, easy to remove.

Ideal for masking and shielding at high temperatures, resists up to 400 °C (for short periods) and at low temperatures up to -50 °C .

When good adhesion to superficial surfaces is required, the response is silicone tapes

Fields of application:

  • Bodywork applications.
  • Dye and powder coating and liquid.
  • Electrostatics for liquid immersion.
  • Galvanic treatments, anodizing, inflammation.
  • Used as a temporary roll closure, it allows removal without breaking the roll material.
  • Stratification of the glass.

Although being a very cheap product, this siliconic masking tape must have specific properties to avoid that paint thinners could affect the sticker and curling it. The product could be applied at wet or dry approach. Suitable for spraying, roller and airbrush.

Silicon substrates such as resin-bonded papers or films can be glued or joined with silicone tapes.


Colle bien

J'utilise ce ruban de masquage pour couvrir le plateau chauffant de mon imprimante 3D. Il se colle bien, et se décolle aussi très bien, soit pour le replacer, soit pour le changer. Il ne laisse pas de trace de colle sur le plateau et fournit une bonne surface à la fois de protection pour le plateau en aluminium et une bonne adhérence des pièces en cours d'impression.

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    Siliconic Car body Masking Tape in different sizes - 66mt

    Siliconic Car body Masking Tape in different sizes - 66mt

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