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Scratchproof Matt Black Wrap Decorative Film

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  • Car wrap decorative film, durable and reliable. Colour: Black.
  • Thermoformable, the film can also be applied on curved, riveted, shaped and moderately bunched surfaces
  • You can cut it as you like and apply on any surface including car bodies to increase protection.
  • Heat sealing, easy to apply even with an hair dryer; it has some air channels on the back to facilitate its escape and avoid bubbles.
  • Apply on a perfectly clean and dry surface, UV/water resistant.
  • When applied correctly to the appropriate hard surface the film is very durable.

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This film will give a very aggressive look to every vehicle, thanks to its machinability it is also possible to cover bent, curved and contoured surfaces.
Made with a special microcanalized Air Free System that does not create air bubbles during application. This makes easy and fast the application, the film can also be removed several times before it is taken on the surface.

Thermoformable, the film can also be applied on curved, riveted, shaped and moderately bunched surfaces; it will become more elastic and extensible if carefully heated, e.g. with a hair dryer or a heat gun.

Maximum resistance against all atmospheric agents.

Adaptable to any object, it models easily does not leave any residue of glue.

Used especially for Car Wrapping.

The film can also be used inside the vehicle for internal handles, center consoles and dashboards or outside the vehicle for applications such as mirrors, exterior skirts, wheel arches, bonnets and bumpers.


• Before starting product application, thoroughly wash and clean the contact surfaces using a clean cloth and denatured alcohol to remove any traces of dirt.

• Apply a cutter and cut the film at least 10 cm perimetrically larger than the board to cover.

• Remove the film under the adhesive.

• Use a spatula to stretch the film, starting from the center outwards to get the air out from below the adhesive.

• With a heat gun, heat the film to soften it and adapt it better to the shape of the surface, always continue with the spatula with the gun until the adhesive has taken the desired shape.

• Use the cutter to cut around the surface, then finish the edges with the spatula and check for the last tweaks.

• Work is completed, before washing your car wait at least one day in moso that the film is firmly fixed to the surface.


Measure2-23 +
152cm x 30cm

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152cm x 50cm

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152cm x 100cm

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152cm x 200cm

28,77 €

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152cm x 300cm

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36,85 €

152cm x 5 Mt.

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152cm x 10 Mt.

124,55 €

118,00 €

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Buona pellicola arrivata prima del previsto , spero nella durata ...ottima per il restiling della mia auto ...la consiglio

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Pellicola NERO OPACO per wrapping tuning auto moto ANTIGRAFFIO

Pellicola che aderisce perfettamente e con facilità. Ottima per rivestire auto. moto e altri oggetti di uso quotidiano come notebook, cellulari ed altro.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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Scratchproof Matt Black Wrap Decorative Film

Scratchproof Matt Black Wrap Decorative Film

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