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Sale! Online only Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin with super clear water effect - 800 Expand

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin with super clear water effect - 800 gr

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Clear epoxy resin, perfectly transparent, water effect.

  • The most sold for the artistic creations, the jewelry, the coating of surfaces (tables, wood, cement, photo) and modellism.
  • High UV resistance, excellent mechanical strength, very fluid product.
  • Low viscosity, high chemical resistance to oxidation.
  • It is ideal for using with luminiscent and phosphorescent powders.
  • Great workability, selflevelling and shining surface. Sold in a pot of 800 gr.

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Bi-component epoxy resin for high-performance application in film (1 mm), and castings of thickness up to 3 cm. In addition to the high transparency (water effect) and to the properties self-levelling, it ensures a good mechanical seal for reinforcement, and applications with carbon fibre.

The product is characterized by a low viscosity which reduces the presence of air bubbles after curing, and facilitates the impregnation of the carbon fiber. The excellent resistance to humidity and environmental conditions guarantees a glossy and transparent surface.

The product is compatible with many pastes on the market. The Clear Epoxy is a two-component product based on resins of epoxy and its hardener amine.

Also, it can be thickened with the use of inert materials as powders and fumed silicium. These characteristics make the epoxy resin ideal for the following applications: modellism, artistic creations, fibreglass repairs, protective coating, artistic flooring, nautical application,  impregnation of technical fabrics (glass fiber , carbon fiber, Kevlar).



Ottima come descritto. Utile per colorare con i pigmenti fluorescenti

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