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Shiny Black Car roof Wrap decorative vynil film (no bubbles)

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  • Shiny Black decorative vynil film, durable and reliable. It will seem a panoramic roof giving an impressive effect to your car.
  • You can cut it as you like and apply on any surface including car bodies to increase protection.
  • Heat sealing, easy to apply even with an hair dryer; it has some air channels on the back to facilitate its escape and avoid bubbles.
  • Apply on a perfectly clean and dry surface, UV/water resistant.
  • When applied correctly to the appropriate hard surface the film is very durable.
  • Available in many different sizes, additional units will be sold all attached.

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This beautiful and amazing material allows you to customize your car. Easy to shape, do not leave any residue of glue and it is resistant to weathering; the film reproduces the gold brightness surprisingly realistically but with reduced costs and great flexibility.

Easy to install and clean, it guarantees a contemporary and modern design and it is ideal for personalizing the interior or exterior of your car. It is not just a printed reproduction, you can feel it when you touch it and has a guaranteed long life.

This product is highly flexible and conformable even on curved surfaces, it can be cleaned with common detergents and water.

200 micron grains prevent scratches and abrasions of any kind. It can be applied on cars, notebooks, mobile phones, boats, rivets, grooves or embossed parts.

This film is also ideal for car tuning and if you are stuck of it you can easily remove it having back your car or bike as new.

Apply on a perfect clean and dry surface.


Va bene

l'ho usata per wrappare la mia punto e mi sono trovato bene nell'applicazione. Per ora tiene bene anche perchè si vede che è un buon materiale.

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    Shiny Black Car roof Wrap decorative vynil film (no bubbles)

    Shiny Black Car roof Wrap decorative vynil film (no bubbles)

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