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Carbody anti-dents suction repair kit

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  • Kit for removing small bumps or dents from any vehicle.
  • Very simple method that allows suction cups and glue to solve most of the skeletons of car body, motorcycle etc.
  • We send video and simplified instructions in English!
  • Patented product as seen in TV.

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You can remove car racks in 3 easy steps in an economical and fast way without turning to car body worker.

The kit is also advertised on television at a much higher price.

New system designed to remove barrels and dents from doors, hoods, wheel arches and roofs, alone, without spoiling the paint of your car!

Initially designed to be used by professional body workers for complicated areas, and quickly became one of the most used tools in the industry.

This kit will remove all dents of up to 10 cm in size as long as they are not positioned on corners or edges.


Ventosa ammaccature

Appena tiri un po' la ventosa si stacca in due e no puoi più utilizzarla.



    Se avete delle piccole ammaccature, questo prodotto riesce a ritirare in fuori la carrozzeria ammaccata, ovvio che non sostituisce il carrozziere

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      Carbody anti-dents suction repair kit

      Carbody anti-dents suction repair kit


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