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Adhesive colored transparent film for windows in 8 colors


  • Clear glass film in 8 colors of your choice, when you move the glass changes color, ideal for shop windows or hotel lobbies but also on windows in your home or office.

  • PET material, recommended for internal application, 5-year warranty.

  • VLT 20%, thickness 2Mil (0.2mm), degree of hardness 2H

  • Measurements: 1.52 m high, available from 0.3 to 10 m, a really good product sold for less than half of the most famous 3M product

  • A riot of different colors. Easy to install, you can cut it and work it with maximum simplicity.
  • Watch the product videos,to choose in the colors and sizes below.

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Adhesive films in PVC Calandrato Monomeric colored transparent for glass decoration, available in 8 colors, can also be used for shower enclosures.
Self-adhesive transparent colored films to intensify the color of transparent glass surfaces. On the walls of showers, window panes, glass furniture and glass partitions can be colored with special effects thanks to the transparent colored film.

This colored film maintains the transparency of the glass thanks to the special material and the completely invisible adhesive. By pasting the colored films one on the other, it is possible to create infinite shades.

This transparent colored film also has a bright chromatic effect if illuminated from behind (for example display cases) on white or reflective surfaces. The transparent colored film has a high lifespan of 10-12 years, if not exposed.
It is shipped in rigid cardboard so as not to be damaged during transport.

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Adhesive colored transparent film for windows in 8 colors

Adhesive colored transparent film for windows in 8 colors

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