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Self-adhesive vinyl film with a gray marble effect



Adhesive filmgray marble effect pleasant to the touch, durable and reliable. You can cut it as you want and apply it on any material, the ideal for walls, tables, cabinets and any surface you want to cover. Thermoconformable with zero air bubbleseasily applicable even with a hair dryer, on the back it has air channels to facilitate its escape and avoid bubbles. Material: waterproof and ecological, self-adhesive, no glue.EASY TO APPLY: No special tools or mixtures of messy mortar are required. Simply cut the vinyl sheet, remove it from the paper backing and stick it on a clean, flat surface

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It can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, courtyard or on the top of a piece of furniture, totally waterproof

Ideal for covering shelves and drawers Quick and economical solution to refresh surfaces, An adorable furniture accessory for everyday life.

This useful film allows you to personalize any object to the maximum.

It is easily modeled, leaves no glue residue and above all is resistant to atmospheric agents, has an engraved texture with a relief effect that is pleasant to the touch.

The filmit reproduces aluminum in a surprisingly realistic waybut with reduced costs and greater flexibility.

Easy to install and clean, guarantees a modern and current design and is ideal for exclusive personalization of the internal or external parts of your car.

It is not a printed reproduction and has a guaranteed durationof 20/30 years.

The product is flexible and conformable even on curved surfaces, can be cleaned with common detergents and water. 0.16mm grit to avoid scratches and abrasions of any kind.

It can be applied on cars, notebooks, mobile phones, boats, and on riveted surfaces, grooves, rounded or embossed parts.span>

This film is also ideal in the world of car tuning.

When you get tired you take off and the surface returns as new, protected by the film.

Apply on a perfectly clean and dry surface.

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Self-adhesive vinyl film with a gray marble effect

Self-adhesive vinyl film with a gray marble effect

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