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Adhesive tape SHELTER ROAD for frame protection Mariposa effect 0.6mm



  • The SHELTER self-adhesive protectionMariposa effectis a transparent composite plywood with behavior viscoelastic.

  • SHELTER is able to to increasegreatly the impact resistance of carbon fiber composites or the metals on which it is applied.

  • Film thickness 0.6mm and width 55mm.

  • Depending on the temperatures, the product may have variations in the tolerance measurements +/- 10% on length and width
  • Ideal for bikes, cars, motorcycles, and many other uses!

  • Available in multiple lengths by choice.

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A causa della Emergenza Covid i tempi di consegna e trasporto possono subire ritardi
A causa della Emergenza Covid i tempi di consegna e trasporto possono subire ritardi

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Shelter Road is a transparent self-adhesive protection very effective against scratches and impacts, ideal for carbon or metal structures. "Road" is ideal for a lighter off-road practice or for gravel / cyclocross.


  • invisible protection against scratches and impacts
  • light
  • easy to apply, firmly adheres even to curved surfaces
  • does not yellow
  • ideal for carbon and metal protection
  • visco-elastic behavior dampens vibrations

This tapeprotectsfrom impactsdispersingenergy within one's own structure, resistsagainst abrasion and the most common solvents, it does not turn yellow and is not affected by normal washing of the bodywork but can be removed if necessary without leaving marksto the underlying paint.

SHELTER is the union of products and systems used in the aerospace sectors to protect the aesthetic and functional integrity of surfaces and parts exposed to accidental wear or impact.

It is very much conformableat room temperature, it does not require the use of heat sources to adapt it to medium three-dimensional surfaces and no specific equipment is required for the application, only cutters or scissors and a felt pad to facilitate its application.exerts and exerts uniform pressure.

Adherence to all surfaces is in accordance with AFERA 4001 standards,SHELTER is resistant to water and UV rays, can withstand temperatures ranging from -30C ° to + 130C °.

Occasional contamination with petrol, grease, oil, detergents does not alter its performance and duration.

Depending on the temperatures, the product may have variations in measurements tolerance +/- 10% on length and width.

Easy to apply

The adhesion of Shelter is defined "semi-structural", therefore very strong but not permanent. After being applied, Shelter takes 8 hours before reaching optimal adhesion. Subsequently it is not therefore affected by the normal washing of the bicycle, but it can be removed - if necessary - without damage to the underlying paint.

The appThe Shelter statement does not require specific tools or procedures, only normal manual skills and patience:

  1. after removing cables or other elements that could get in the way, clean the surface on which you will glue Shelter with alcohol and a clean rag. Remove any dry residual alcohol with another clean dry cloth;
  2. take the Shelter pre-cut element suitable for use or cut a piece of Shelter of the desired shape and size, without removing the protective paper;
  3. verify that the element fits the area you want to proto protect and to have clean hands. At this point, completely remove the protective paper, freeing the adhesive surface (try not to touch the adhesive with your fingers, or reduce the contact to a minimum: being transparent, the fingerprints could then be seen);
  4. place the Shelter lightly on the area to be protected, without applying pressure and without stretching it. Re-position it if necessary, until it is exactly where you want it. Then, start applying constant pressure, starting from the center towards the edges, to avoid trapping air bubbles or creating wrinkles;
  5. progressively extend the action on the entire element, to make it completely adhere to the surface. Insist on the edges and bending points to achieve uniform adhesion.

The bicycle can be used immediately after applying Shelter, remembering that optimal adhesion is reached after 8 hours.

To remove the Shelter, slowly remove it from the surface taking care not to de-laminate it. In this way Shelter will not leave traces of glue, even after several years.

UV resistant

Shelter is transparent but does not yellow over time, thanks to its resistance to UV rays, a common cause of yellowing of other protective films, and thus also protects the paint of the underlying frame from discoloration.br />IMPORTANT: after Shelter removal there may be color differences betweenprotected and non-protected areas, in the case of fluorescent paints or bright colors.

Visco-elasticity reduces vibrations

The transmission of vibrational energy through any structure can be reduced by adding visco-elastic elements at some points. That's exactly what Shelter does, not only protecting rigid carbon frames from shocks but also reducing vibrations. An example of this isf = "https://www.effettomariposa.eu/it/prodotti/shelter-wheel-kit/">Shelter Wheel Kit.

Watch out for copies

The translucent "Shelter Effect Mariposa" logos are present in the Shelter film. Both "Effetto Mariposa" and "Shelter" are registered trademarks.

Shelter is produced in Italy.

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Adhesive tape SHELTER ROAD for frame protection Mariposa effect 0.6mm

Adhesive tape SHELTER ROAD for frame protection Mariposa effect 0.6mm

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