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Pigment powder additive reflective reflector 50/100 grams

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Reflective products reflect the light in the direction from which it comes, so also our Reflective powder works this way: when is hit by a beam of light reflects it in the direction from which it comes, making more visible the painted object with reflective material.

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Reflective Silver Pigment powder. It is of great reflective pigment in silver finish selected in the world market.

The pack contains 50/100 grams of Pigment Reflector powder-white, grayish (in bright light). The reflective effect is the reflection of light in the direction from which if hit by a beam of light in the dark.
Possible modes of use: By giving the option to purchase only the reflective pigment, instead of the product ready packaged as paint, allow it to make the necessary use for the different needs that may arise. Here's how it can be used:

the pigment can be mixed with other substances to make these reflectors directly, in this way will reflect the light exactly as if they were painted with the paint reflector
reflective pigment granules anche can be thrown on a freshly painted surface and thus still not dry, so that adheres directly to it and render the reflector
can be added to one of our Reflective Paints to increase the concentration of pigment reflector inside and then enhance the operation.


Reflective pigment is made from glass beads That have a 95% and smoothness of a refractive index of Nd 2.2. In Particular, the Silver reflective pigment are coated with aluminiumfor this guarantee the best performance in terms of light refraction. The size of the pigment granules used reflector is 35-50 microns, in fact it is a very fine pigment.



direi che si posso fare innumerevoli applicazioni molto utili.
Io ho riveniciato un muretto di casa che è a boirdo strada e quando punti i fanali si vede moltissimo!

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    Adhesive Bike wheels brand 3M™ reflective stripe for wheels 7mm x 6MT

    Choose your colour from the side.

    3M™ brand SERIES 580E which is the best brand in the market, the material is reflective, refractive and approved as from technical sale 6 ft long X 7 mm wide so as to cover up to 21 "rims. Professional material.

    Designed and cut by specialist laboratory Made in Italy BAGGED FROM US NOT FOR SALE IN THE STORE!


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