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NON-adhesive tape film and reflective light emitting lights glow in the dark

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Film luminescent and photoluminescent glow tape reflective lights in the dark, accumulating light and releasing it at night. Amazing material with a length up to 6 hours in the dark, available in various sizes. High intensity model. View photos of the product. BE CAREFUL TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE.

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Application: From sew or paste with any type of glue.

Retro-reflective technology is to return the light received directly at the source, canalizzandola through an optical element, similar to a microbiglia.

We offer reflective tapes but also tapes that possess both refractive and reflective properties.

Our products are intended for professionals, public bodies and individuals. For quantity orders, do not hesitate to request a quote via email. We can offer attractive price conditions depending on the quantity purchased. We accept the payment terms.
Reflective stickers apply on most smooth surfaces and ensures a strong adhesion without risk of breaking away. All our products are designed and engineered to withstand atmospheric agents (rain, Sun, heat, cold)

Are made thanks to an advanced technology (rifrangenza microprism with greater intensity than the microspheres), which confers a rifrangenza ratesuperior to conventional classes A and B (honeycomb)

This type of ribbons are known as HIP Refractive (high intensity prismatic material)

nastro adesivo rifrangente

These particular tapes have a double retro-reflective properties and phosphorescent

Guarantee constant visibility in every situation.

Rifrangenza: Thanks to the support covered by microspheres, the tapes reflect car lights, day, twilight or night. The intensity of the effect corresponds to class B (up to 250)

Phosphorescence: The tapes issue with a phosphorescent green glow persistence, whose energy is due to the ability to capture light. Just like the stars are invisible during the day, the phosphorescence is visible only in the dark.

Example: Phosphorescence Phosphorescence

Motorcycle visibility : Phosphorescent and reflective tapes ensures perfect visibility to motorcyclists when applied on clothing or helmets.

Resistance: These professional products are the result of modern technology. Their duration, with the position PLEIand external agents (weather, Sun) is greater than 15 years

Application: From sew or paste with any type of glue.



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    Stripes reflective tape films sewing 25mm x 5 MT EN471 certified

    High quality reflective material that reflects light once lit, you can sew on each garment and resistant to any kind of washing. Industry-specific safety and decorations that require considerable reflection capabilities. For 10 m 20% discount.

    For quantity discount


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