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Painting paint acrylic phosphorescent luminescent additive glows in the dark for hobby craft

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Acrylic-based luminous paint in 2 colors, green and blue, 30 ml format, day is white and when it takes the light and glows in the dark mass, non-toxic do not use nails or hair on the body.

The paint has the CAP dispenser for easy use

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At the bottom you will find the technical data sheet and the safety data sheet

Fast drying-component painting with photoluminescent effect.                                  
Designed for mounting on the surfaces intended to be highlighted for an extended period of time in poor lighting conditions. For the best performance needs to be applied on a white or colored in muted hues and remain exposed to natural or artificial lighting for a period ranging from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the light source. For an optimal preparation of the substrate to application we recommend thorough degreasing with solvent or detergent. Paint can be used on glass, wood, iron and metal, plastic or concrete

INTENDED USE: It is particularly suitable for the coating of bicycle, automobile, motorcycle, and wheels toy vehicles. Suitable for use in small decorative objects to make them shine in the dark, for fishing or any activity or equipment that you want to make visible at night. Not forgetting a working in the security field to signal obstacles, escape routes or applicationsin the entertainment industry. Fluorescent paints are many other photoluminescent applications in the field of decoupage, hobby, art and design.
USE : the product can be used to brush due to its thick consistency but may also be intended for painters or Airbrush Gun with nitro dilution of 15% -20% to make it more fluid.
It is important to keep out of reach of children avoid contact with eyes and skin and apply it in ventilated places. The product is not radioactive. Consult the material safety data sheet of the product.
How does fluorescent or luminescent effect?
The paint charge of luminescence in the following ways:
-through the exhibition of natural and artificial light
-with the use of light wood or black light
Duration of emission of light in the dark
Photoluminescent effect duration depends on the following factors:
a good exposure to natural light and artificial light
places free of light pollution

What can be painted on?

-Denim, t-shirts and other apparel (should only hand washing delicate painting after though)



-Everything for hobby craft





-A surface you want to paint on a permanent basis

-Many other Surfaces, provided that they are clean, dry and free of grease.

What should not be painted?



-Toe Nails

-Finger nails


Troppo pocco

I tempi di spedizione stavolta sono stati brevi ma quando lo aperto c'era meno di 10ml nel tubetto con sopra scritto 30ml
L'effetto è straordinario però. ..



    sono felicissima ho fatto un quadro fantastico... **



      Davvero luminosa,arrivata il giorno dopo,ora proverò il pigmento.



        Bene arrivato nei tempi però pensavamo ce ne fosse di più,ma ne vale la pena effetto che colpisce molto

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        ColorQuantity2-23-34-45 +
        Sky Blue 25 ml

        10,40 €

        9,86 €

        9,31 €

        8,76 €

        Sky Blue 500ml

        37,95 €

        35,96 €

        33,96 €

        31,96 €

        Fluo Green 25 ml

        10,40 €

        9,86 €

        9,31 €

        8,76 €

        Fluo Green 500ml

        37,95 €

        35,96 €

        33,96 €

        31,96 €

        Quantity prices are per quantity of mixed combinations


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