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Magnetic tape with magnet 30 mm x 2.5 M

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ADESIVISICUREZZA self adhesive magnetic tape is used to secure non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces. This tape is 30 mm wide and is available in pieces from 2.5 Metres Article ID StickersLab Width 30 mm Thickness 1.5 mm Magnetisation Anisotropic Strength 102 g/cm ² Weight 170 g/m

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Self-adhesive magnetic tape

Self-adhesive magnetic tape is suitable for fixing into non-magnetic objects (e.g. a sign made of plastic or aluminium) to metal surfaces. Self-adhesive strips adhere well to each other so that you can stick together even two non-magnetic objects. An employment opportunity is the ideal flexible application screens on doors and Windows. To attach photo or paper is particularly suitable.

You can cut at will

Magnetic products for labeling & crop


After you cut out with a traditional scissor your magnetic tape or magnetic sheet into the desired shape, you can write in pencil, with a ball-point pen with a permanent marker. In addition, all these articles are printable using screen or digital printing.

How to use

  • Label variouslyshelves, cabinets, drawers, etc. with the magnetic tape adesivisicurezza
  • Cut out figures from metal sheet wall, panel presentations, etc.
  • Hang pictures so invisible with magnetic tape
  • Combination of 2 non-magnetic objects with magnetic strips
  • Usability outdoors


All the articles you find here are composed of strontium ferrite particulate matter contained in a flexible plastic material. In order to get a good strength in direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces, the magnetization is striped (North and South Pole alternate in a dense texture). Most of these articles are anisotropic, which improves their strength.
Be careful to apply products on floors and on the entire surface.

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magnetic tape

Easily cut to size with scissors. Remove the cover to apply to a variety of lightweight objects

  • Remove cover for application on a variety of lightweight objects. 
  • 1.5 mm x 30 mm wide x 2.5 m long.

nastro magnetico

Si taglia con delle normali forbici e si applica col biadesivo. Tiene perfettamente la presa e di più non gli si può chiedere. Consigliato.

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    White magnetic tape with magnet 40 mm per meter


    Widthlength3-45-910 +
    10mm(1cm) 1 meter

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    30mm(3cm) 1 meter

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