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3M™ High visibility reflective polyester ankle band

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  • Available in 3 different colors, size 100mm x 45mm, discounted price for multiple purchases.

  • Reflective high visibility snap band to dress in the wrist or ankle to ride or to go cycling, and to have the confidence to be seen even under poor visibility.
  • This product wraps itself perfectly even if it is in intense physical activity.
  • “Slap” magnetic locking system. The ankle band reflects the light in the direction it comes from.
  • It is easy to put on, it is enough to beat it on the wrist, arm o ankle and it wraps automatically

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Snap reflective and luminous band to put on wrists or ankles during night activities such as jogging, running and many other sports (ex. Cycling), slap locking system, it assures high visibility and security, for children and women.

Soft, light, flexible and extremely easy to put on, this product was created to assure a higher visibility in bad luminosity conditions. It is suitable for adults, children and animals too. Easy to dress, it is enough to beat it on the wrist, arm or ankle e the band wraps itself immediately.

These bands are available in three several colours: yellow, red and green. Once illuminated, they will reflect the light in the direction it comes from to make them more visible in the night.

This fantastic product can be also fixed to the bicycle wheel and not only! Great indestructible material, it suits at any circumference, it is waterproof, it doesn’t make dirty and it doesn’t change the own colour over time.

Wash at 40 degrees.


Color2-23-45-910 +

9,45 €

8,96 €

8,46 €

7,96 €


9,45 €

8,96 €

8,46 €

7,96 €


9,45 €

8,96 €

8,46 €

7,96 €

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    Luminescent lightstick for emergency

    • It illuminates in the dark just by bending the bar and shaking it, lightning up for at least 24 hours.

    • Ideal for outdoor sports, emergency situations, camping, trekking, fishing, power outages or any other activity that requires an immediate and lasting light without the need of electricity.

    • Also used for events, concerts, parties, etc.

    • Practical and lightweight, with hook, easy to carry.

    • Length: 15 cm


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