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Online only 3M Series 9000 Respirator Art. 9322+ for dust, Class FFP2 NR D Expand

Made in Italy face protection without valve up to standards 3/5/10 pieces



  • Made in Italy mask made in Cremona by an Italian company.
  • Polyester outer layer, 3 polypropylene filter layers, high efficiency water repellent filtration and polyester skin contact layer.
  • With double elastic and adjustable nose underwire.
  • The materials used have passed the tests that POLITECNICO di MILANO has specifically carried out.
  • For high quantities contact us by mail or phone.
    Sold in packs of 3/5 or 10 pieces.

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It protects your and the others!
As per Law Decree 18 of 17/03/2020
(art. 15 and 16) and subsequent interpretative note
(prot. 3572 of 18/03/2020)
The mask produced by our company, has been made in record time to respond in the most immediate way possible to the emergency we are experiencing, to give a positive contribution to community and also to our company. 
We did not want to improvise anything and we started a technical and technological path aimed at producing masks with significant performance.

There is no specific regulation: FFP type masks are anti-dust masks designed to protect only the wearer, and only from dust. Furthermore, those equipped with an exhalation valve, which many mix up with a filter, are highly inadvisable because during the exhalation phase the valve opens, potentially exiting the virus.

On the other hand, surgical masks are conceived, not to protect the wearer, but others. They offer lower particle filtration but they must comply with very severe bacterial filtration tests.

In this context, we studied a product that could be the synthesis of the two, to protect the wearer and those close to him.
They offer an excellent bacterial protection, excellent water repellency and good filtering capacity.

The materials used have passed the tests that POLITECNICO of MILAN has specifically created.

These masks are not PPE, they cannot be used in a working environment because, due to the associated risks (fumes, dust, vapors...), it requires the use of PPE.

Certainly, however, this product offers certified services that can represent a useful barrier also in the workplace, in combination with the other actions that are continuously suggested (1 meter social distancing, often washing your hands...).

To date the masks are classifiable for community use, as per Law Decree 18 of 17/03/2020 (articles 15 and 16) and subsequent interpretative note (prot. 3572 of 18/03/2020):

In particular, art. 15 introduces derogatory provisions and specifies the technical characteristics and safety requirements of the masks and PPE produced and placed on the market during the current emergency situation, as well as the related authorization procedure to be followed.

Art. 16 distinguishes the protective measures that workers and the community are required to adopt.

The next Interpretative note from the Ministry of Health (prot. 3572 of 18/3/2020), precise, above all, the scope of application of art. 16 and, in particular, the distinction between the measures envisaged in favor of the workers and those envisaged in favor of the community; for the former, the use of specific safety devices is prescribed, for the community, filtering masks without the CE mark and produced in derogation of current regulations are sufficient, which ensure that they do not cause additional damage or risks. For the production and placing on the market of the masks in use by the community, it is also specified that the authorization procedure under art. 15 of the same DL 18/2020 does not apply.

We hope to have clarified all the technical and use aspects of our mask, hoping that it will be useful and functional for the use you want to make of it.

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