Sale! Nastro in PVC riflettente fluorescente da cucire sui vestiti giallo 25mm Expand

Reflective PVC tape sewing fluorescent yellow clothes 25/50 mm

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Be seen to increase security, PVC tape sewn on clothes/bags/caps yellow reflective tape 25/outdoor sport 50 mm * 5 m color: yellow width: 25 or 50 mm, length: 5 meters

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Yellow reflective tape for high visibility -High quality Heavy Duty perfect reflective tape for applications that need to be visible

Uses include: fix to work wear, hats or caps, can be used as a belt, pet clothing, high visibility vests to provide additional Fluorescent Yellow vinyl-sealed PVC sheet

Color: yellow
Sold in 5 metre spool

If more than one meter is order the tape will unbroken length excellent reflective properties, being seen increases your safety at night in low visibility conditions can be sewn onto clothing, hats, bags and so on. NON-ADHESIVE



ho visto la vostra news letter e mi sono subito intereessato allo slogan; ESSERE VISTI PER ESSERE AL SICURO essendo io un ciclista ho aquistato vdiversi prodotti ottimi tra cui questo


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    Adhesive film retroriflettente approved 3M™ Diamond Grade DG3-4083 beading for Fluo Yellow vehicles

    Film approved for reflective framing, vehicles for sale in the metro 50 mm width. PRICE PER METER  3M™ Diamond Grade ™ DG3-4083 is the film approved for retroriflettente framing of vehicles easy to apply and resistant to shocks and to most external agents such as oils, greases and fuels. It is therefore ideal for framing of rigid surfaces.



    12 cm x 5 cm (2 pieces)3-45 +
    2,5cm x 5 Metri

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    5cm x 5 Metri

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    Quantity prices are per quantity of mixed combinations


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