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ISO 7010 General Warning Sign for "Caustic materials" W023 Shop

ISO 7010 General Warning Sign for "Caustic materials" W023

  • Sticky labels measuring 100x100mm / 50x50mm each.
  • You can choose the quantity in the drop menu.
  • High quality material resistant to atmospheric agents, heat, water and UV rays.
  • Apply in a dry and clean surface.
  • Product that complies with safety international rules.
  • The symbol simplification is one of the purposes of ISO 7010 rules in context of industrial and pubblic areas.


According to ISO formatting standards, this symbol (ISO W012) can be used as a safety sign by itself or in combination with text.

Signal your employees and visitors about the presence of corrosive materials, so they will be encouraged to take precautions.

If international compliance is important for your product, this ISO 7010 symbol should be used on all of your products’ electrical hazard safety signs and labels.


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