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Reflective Holographic Scarecrow Tape

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  • Reflective scarecrow tape with “moving” holograms that flash dramatically in the sunlight to make confusing the bird’s eyesight.
  • Great for garden, railing and balconies, it refreshes light by terrorizing animals and birds.
  • Available in 48mm (4.8cm) x 22/45m sizes, discounted price for multiple purchases.
  • Holographic Scare System will frighten and deter even the most persistent of bird visitors.
  • If well moved by wind, the bands emit a strong metallic noise that annoying and to take away the birds and other animals.
  • NON-adhesive tape, it helps protect fruit trees, berries, and grapevines from thieving birds.

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Scarecrow tape that emit flash lights giving an impression of movements with the aim to take away wild animals such as birds and fawns.

Its reflective function is a good tool to protecting by wild fauna fruit trees, botanic orchards, gardens, crop fields, which are usually plundered by animals that finding food.

Thanks to wind, this scarecrow tape reflects the sunlight creating a multicolour luminous effect that scares the birds, trough warning signs and incitement to take away the affected area. Because of these flashes, the birds think that could be a predator in the area. Therefore, birds will be forced to give up the affected area.

Moreover, considering that is a plasticised tape, the sound reproduced with own movements will give the impression that there are humans in the area, so the birds will instinctively abandon the area going to looking for food nowhere.

Thanks to its simple machinability, this reflective scarecrow tape can be put on trees or bushes, or also in vineyards and plantations. This repulsive tape must be applied before birds make damages if you want to make good results.

If you want that your gardens, fruit trees and vineyards or much more may be immune by bird’s attack, you must cut some bands you need to, and hang them in the place you want protected. On the other hand, if you want to protect plantations and crop fields, apply some bands in a wire between two posts, in 0,5-1m heighted from ground level.

Because removing the birds from harvesting fields is almost impossible, this tape will disturb so much that they will be forced to leave the place. To place above the crop to be protected.

Resistant to water, heat and UV rays, it makes no dirty.


Model2-23-45 +
22 MT

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45 MT

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110 Meters (Silver)

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80 M

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Nastro davvero comodo, funziona!

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I like it

Easy, fast and flawless. Just the way I like it

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transazione perfetta. Prodotto buona qualità.metto nei preferiti.

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