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Sale! Online only 3M™ SJ3560 Dual Lock™ Tape Clear VHB Adhesive Fastener Expand

1000 rods Velcro adhesive white (500 pairs) diameter 10 mm, 1 cm, side with hooks and side with slots to attach



Thebest adhesive velcro SUPER STRONGon the market, ideal for attaching panels, action cams, remote controls, mobile phones, screens, etc. adhesive velcro rods, strong and sturdy, self-adhesive points with velcro, side with hooks and side with slots to attach. High anchorageboth in static and dynamic situations, continuous usewithout limits of time and duration.500 pairs of self-adhesive points with velcro, 1 cm in diameter. In total you will receive 1000 adhesive dots: 500 with hooks and 500 with white buttonholes. These self-adhesive Velcro rods have been used for many years in professional sectors such as the textile or furniture industry.

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A causa della Emergenza Covid i tempi di consegna e trasporto possono subire ritardi

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Thebest adhesive velcroon the market, ideal for attacking what you want like remote controls, mobile phones, pictures and much more, personally tested by us.

In addition to the windshield, you can use it on bikes, motorcycles, cars and any other rigid surface, the glue used for the application is the VHB or the most resistant on the market.

Velcro offers a solution that makeseasy repositioning,and it is still strong enough to replace the mechanical fixings (screws, bolts, buttons, hooks, etc.) as the manufacturer recalls.

Resistant to UV rays and plasticizers, Dual Lock can boast a high mechanical sealing capacity, can hold up to a kilo even in the presence of high temperatures.

Vlecro is a practical product that should be present in every home. The tape can also be used in the office, in the garden, in the laboratory and on many occasions. The strap included with plastic buckle is very convenient and useful for tying cables or other.

Diameter: 10mm
Color: White
Material: 100% polyamide
High adhesive power strips
Usage: Adheres to any clean surface
It can be cut to the desired length

The supply includes:
500 x male tape
500 x female tape

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