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Emergency Starter Car Battery Booster Starter Power Bank Portable Black




This Emergency Starter, with 20000Ah of peak current, can quickly start a gasoline engine (up to 4L) or Diesel (up to 2.5L) about 10 to 15 times with a full charge. Car, motorcycle, boat etc ... any engine equipped with a normal 12V battery. It is able to start many engines (cars, boats, motorcycles etc ...) and recharge all your electronic devices thanks to the USB port.Unlike other complicated emergency starters, this starter can be recharged via its micro-USB port using any USB or car power adapter. The cable is included. Peak current 400.

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3 in 1 multifunction kit
Engine start-up, USB quick charge power bank, rugged design, IP65 Water Proof, Shock Proof, Dust Proof.
It has no frills, unnecessary cables, displays, endless functions and other features that would make it difficult to use in an "emergency moment". This is a real Starter: connect the pliers and parts! With even emergency light with intermittence.
Security and Protection
Always safe use thanks to multiple integrated safety measures.
Easy to use: never walk again!
In 4 simple steps, you will be able to start the engine. Turn on the starter and make sure the battery is at least 50% charged. Connect the starter cable to the car battery (red to the positive pole and black to the negative pole). Connect the starter cable to the starter. Turn the key and start the car engine. Disconnect the starter cable from the car as soon as it has started. Nothing could be easier.
If the emergency starter is less than 25% charged it may not be able to start the engine. Read the user guide carefully before using the device. Not following the instructions could lead to incorrect use.
Status LEDs
LED for residual charge indication
External battery - Power Bank
The emergency starter is equipped with Lithium Ion battery and USB port, for fast and efficient charging of all your USB devices: smartphone / iPhone / tablet / iPad / mobile phones, cameras, kindle, MP3 player etc .. Compatible with almost all Apple, Android and Windows Phone devices.
High Capacity
20000mAh battery, can recharge a Galaxy S7 4 or 6 times, an iPhone X about 4 or 6 times, a tablet from 0 to 100%. More than twice
The USB port is from 2.1A. You can also quickly recharge tablets or modern smartphones with a giant screen.
Powerful and Compact
Pocket power. Unlike traditional Emergency Starters, this is very light, you can store it in the trunk or under the seat. Always keep it with you, in your bag or in the glove compartment of your car and it is so easy to handle that it can be used like a normal power bank.
Sturdy and with an attractive design
A durable, waterproof and shockproof object. Designed to be used in difficult conditions, such as in an engine compartment or resting on the ground. The design is minimal and makes it very easy to use, without prejudice to its important handling.
A must-have for every car
Never walk again, don't risk it. The starter is a modern and indispensable product, to have in every car, because it ensures your restart. Energy always at hand!
For optimal use
• Make sure the terminals are connected to the correct battery poles. • Recharge the battery at least once every 3 months to avoid reducing the life span. • Recharge the car battery as soon as possible after emergency start-up.
Do not reverse the positive polarity with the negative one. It is not advisable to start the engine if the charger power is less than 25% to avoid damage to the product. Remove the starter terminals as soon as the vehicle has started.

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