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CHROME-plated silver chrome sticker car wrapping film auto moto chrome no bubbles

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CHROME cast film quality, ideal for wrapping, at an affordable price you can customize your car both internally and externally as body parts, plastic profiles and other accessories

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-Air Free System (does not create air bubbles during Assembly). Fast application (this film can be removed several times before it gets taken to the object).
-High resistance against atmospheric agents.
-Sporty and aggressive Makes your vehicle.
-160 microns Thickness.

To apply this film out of bossing serves a foon bodywork like all other commercially available films for wrapping, this material can be used with ease on curved or rounded profiles and other plane parts moderately, about more complex instead for example play an entire car or fill a contoured surface it takes a bit of experience.


Tape that sticks perfectly. Good item and the service

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    GLOSSY BLACK adhesive film-SCRATCH motorcycles car tuning car wrapping

    GLOSSY BLACK film, ideal for wrapping, at an affordable price you can customize <BR/& lg;your car both internally and externally, or make it even more aggressive than your bike, or to line <br/& lg;other everyday items like laptops, mobile phones and more.

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    Measure2-23-45 +
    2,5cm x 5 Mt.

    9,45 €

    8,96 €

    7,96 €

    5cm x 5 Mt.

    14,16 €

    13,41 €

    11,92 €

    20cm x 5 Mt.

    27,50 €

    26,05 €

    23,16 €

    152cm x 30cm

    11,35 €

    10,76 €

    9,56 €

    152cm x 50cm

    13,25 €

    12,56 €

    11,16 €

    152cm x 100cm

    18,95 €

    17,95 €

    15,96 €

    152cm x 200cm

    33,20 €

    31,46 €

    27,96 €

    152cm x 300cm

    47,45 €

    44,96 €

    39,96 €

    152cm x 5 Mt.

    80,70 €

    76,46 €

    67,96 €

    152cm x 10 Mt.

    142,45 €

    134,95 €

    119,96 €

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