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Adhesive film SCRATCH-RESISTANT MATTE BLACK motorcycle car tuning car wrapping

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MATT BLACK film, ideal for wrapping, at an affordable price you can customize <BR/& lg;your car both internally and externally, or make it even more aggressive than your bike, or to line <br/& lg;other everyday items like laptops, mobile phones and more.

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 -Scratch-proof film

Make your car unique, different sports with this film blind so everyone can see your passion in customizing your vehicle. <br/& lg;This useful film will allow you to customize your headlights or taillights. <br/& lg; Aeasily adapts to any object dattabile, leaves no sticky residue. 
Universal adhesive,  that can be applied to any smooth surface. <br/& lg;
Sporty design and captivating.
Used in conjunction with "Car Wrapping", or the art of customizing your car in a thousand ways! <BR/& lg;Film-formable darkening quality, suitable to be applied to the fanalthe cars, motorcycles, trucks and glasses in General, this sticker will give a very aggressive look to your vehicle, thanks to its rounded curves and surfaces can also cover workability.


• Before you start applying the product, wash and clean the contact surfaces using a clean cloth and denatured alcohol to remove any dirt.
• Use a razor knife and cut the film at least 10 cm perimeter larger than the headlight your car.
• Wet and uniformly with water stop sign.
• Remove the transparent protective film over the sticker and the film under the sticker. Moisten well the adhesive both above and below in the part of the glue.
• Place the film wet on wet, too light.
• Now use a spatula to spread out the film, start from the Center outward in order to squeeze out the water from under the sticker.
• With a heat gun, heat the film to soften it and to adapt it better to the shape of the light, keep going with the spatula with the gun until the adhesive has taken shape you want.
• Use the trimmer to cropI return to the stop sign, then with the spatula rifinitene edges and controlled the final touches.

• The work is completed, before you wash your car wait at least a day so that the pellicolasi is well fixed to the surface.

This film high quality auto, which is resistant to weather and water is ideal for automotive applications. Can be used inside a vehicle for inner handles, floor consoles and dashboards or out of a vehicle for applications such as rear-view mirrors, skirts, apron, bonnets and bumpers to create an appearance of high technology, which is much more cost-competitive than a paint job real! < <p style = "text-align: center;" & Lg;Tip: our cars will become more elastic and stretchable film when it is heated for example, carefully with a hair dryer or a heat gun. </p≶


Pellicola NERO OPACO per wrapping tuning auto moto ANTIGRAFFIO

Pellicola che aderisce perfettamente e con facilità. Ottima per rivestire auto. moto e altri oggetti di uso quotidiano come notebook, cellulari ed altro.

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