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White acrylic foam tape for fixing high adhesiveness

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White acrylic foam tape, 1 mm thick, strong adhesion and encourage domestic car, motorcycle or bike or on any surface that needs to be attached with a high-quality adhesive tape. Professional product. Roll length 50 Meters

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Double-sided foam white, the liner is colored ochre.
Product description
PE foam tape for securing applications. <BR/& lg;It consists of a PE support with high adaptability and an acrylic adhesive. <br/& lg;Certificate for mounting mirrors. 
Product features:
* Versatile Adhesive for a high immediate adhesion on numerous surfaces <BR/& lg;* Fully usable outside: UV resistant, water and ageing <BR/& lg;* Compensates the different thermal expansions of dissimilar materials <BR/& lg;* High and quick clamping force even with slight pressure <BR/& lg;* Good absorption of thermal shock
  • Fixing mirrors in the furniture industry
  • Fastening of mirrors in cars
  • Fixing of edges and profiles
  • Attaching decorative panels

Acrylic adhesive PuTTY idonEO <internal/external thick highly adhesive/span & lg;

Conformable material to compensate for irregular surfaces

Suitable for absorbing vibration

Acrylic adhesive PuTTY suitable for Outdoor/Indoor UV resistant high adhesion and moisture

Use mounting mirrors/plaques

               Utilizzo generico e per materiali plastici/acciaio


WidthlengthThickness2-23-34-45-910 +
19 mm 50 Meters 1,2mm

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9,86 €

9,31 €

8,76 €

7,67 €

25 mm 50 Meters 1,2mm

13,25 €

12,55 €

11,86 €

11,16 €

9,76 €

50 mm 50 Meters 1,2mm

21,80 €

20,66 €

19,51 €

18,36 €

16,07 €

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