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Tubeless tyre repair kit for cars, moto and mtb

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  • Puncture Repair Kit with 5 high quality seal strips.
  • Ideal for emergencies and will fix all tubeless tyres with a puncture of up to 6mm.
  • Easy to use with full instructions on packaging.
  • Kit Includes: 1x Filing Tool, 1x Strip Insertion Tool, 5x Seal Strips, 1x Rubber Cement, 1x Knife.
  • A simple solution which will allow you save money and time-consuming.

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Material: Plastic handle and steel tips
Excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel
The handles on these tools are made from durable plastic and are very easy to grip.
Quickly and easily repair tire in short time with this Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
Essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres, this Car Tire Repair Kit will let you
3 piece repairing strips, Length of each strip: 10 cm

1 x Rasper tool for Hole Widening and Cleaning
1 x Needle tool for Tyre Rubber Strip Insertion
3 x Repair Strips
1 x Rubber Cement

How to use:
1. Remove object from tyre that caused puncture (be careful as residual air will escape under pressue)
2. Insert the reamer into the puncture hole and push in whilst rotating the handle to clean out the hole. Re-inflate tyre to help with insertion of string.
3. Thread the repair string through the eye of the insertion tool until equal parts are either side of the tool
4. Firmly push the insertion tool and string into the tyre. A small amount of the string should be visible (5-10mm only)
5. Cut off the remaining string flush with the tyre tread.
6. Re-inflate tyre to recommended pressure and check for leaks



Ho utilizzato il kit sia su gomme moto che auto e devo dire che su quest'ultime la durezza delle tele ha portato alla rottura del manico plastico dell'inseritore che ho rimediato artigianalmente saldandolo a una T. . Non posso giudicare la funzionalita' delle cartucce di aria compressa perche' ho sempre avuto a disposizione un ncompressore.
E' un kit , visto anche il costo, a mio parere indispensabile

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    Tubeless tyre repair kit for cars, moto and mtb

    Tubeless tyre repair kit for cars, moto and mtb


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