Sale! Online only Bright Stones drops of resin photo-luminescent glow in the dark white color for 50/100 furniture pieces Expand

Bright Stones drops of resin photo-luminescent glow in the dark white color for 50/100 furniture pieces

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Not the usual Chinese product cheap but a quality at the highest level


  • Work after exposure to daylight 
  • Light duration: 3 hours 
  • Material: resin and photo-luminescent pigment
  • a really stunning effect
  • Gurda description the number of pieces 
  • Ideal for aquariums, gardens, paths, vases 

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Perfect for creating the right atmosphere in the Garden: already a few minutes after exposure to sun light at night thanks to the photoluminescence

The photo-luminescent resin drops are a decorative item by combining high quality
characteristics of purity of plstica with photoluminescence, which is the ability
to store natural or artificial light, and riemetterla in the presence of sufficient

The drops are given plastic to decorate various rooms elegantly exterior and Interior:
gardens, verandas walkways, vases, fountains, pools, aquariums, resin flooring, plasters, cement agglomerates. ...
Do not require electricity and maintenance.
Completely waterproof and without harmful substances.
Given their small size keep away from children.

 Possono essere posizionati lungo il vialetto del giardinoor in flower pots and vases. 


The stones and pebbles phosphorescent glow in the dark in a natural way and emit a fluorescent glow and colored.

Accumulate the light during the day and then shine throughout the night.

Used in the decoration of the garden or interior furniture, produce magical effects

Material: PS Plastic, hard and full.

Size: from 2 to 3 cm.

Duration: up to 25 years

Use: for both interiors and exteriors.

Absolutely not dangerous, non-radioactive

Ideal for aquariums


Vanno bene

Hanno risolto il problema per la mia festa di halloween dando tocchi fluorescenti dove attorno c'era il buio. Li ho lasciati anche dopo la festa

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