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Thermochromic liquid crystal thermocouple sheet – 15cm x 15cm

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  • Adhesive film on one side with a liquid crystal surface on the other side.
  • The adhesive is normally black, but it changes colour in function to different temperature.
  • Thanks to its liquid crystals, if you a touch a piece of thermocouple film for a few seconds, the hand warmth will cause a change of colour.
  • Size of 15cm X 15cm.
  • It is not toxic or dangerous.

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Thermocouple sheet consisting of a thin layer of liquid crystals that was printed on a black background. Liquid crystals are organic chemical products which expand or tense themselves.

When you place your hand on this black plastic square, you create a thermal mould; each colour represents a different temperature.

This product is often used in educational environments. The colour changes depending on temperature changing allowing students to visually connect with what is happening with the aim to create a colourful and compelling learning experience.

There are many possibilities to use, but as shown in the image this sheet can cut to fit on the back of a smartphone.


Feuille fantastique!

Feuille fantastique! Je suis vraiment ravie de cet achat!

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Foglio termocromatico cambia colore con variazione di temperatur

Ottimo per essere tagliati e adattarsi al retro di uno smartphone perchè aderisce perfettamente.

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