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9 Photoluminescent sticky stars that glows in the dark in different sizes

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  • Photo-luminescent adhesive stars that glow in the dark: they accumulate the light during the day and release it at night.
  • Ideal for theatrical performances, to create evocative environments or children's bedroom.
  • Any light source is good for re-charging them.
  • Long grip, easy to remove if necessary.
  • Sold kit of 9 stars, whose 6 plenty and 3 shaped.

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These adhesives preserve their fluorescence characteristics for a very long time without any charging limits, high resistance to use. They could be applied on motorcycles, bicycles, helmets, ceilings, walls and more; these are not the usual toy stars: the material is professional.

Long duration, at least 6 hours when well recharged and they do not emit any kind of radiations.

Great useful material, during the day, they appear as white stickers at night.

These adhesives should be applied on a flat, clean and dry surface to get a better grip; they are suitable both for indoor and outdoor environments. To get a good glow, the room needs to be as dark as possible.



Como escrito na descrição, realmente se trata de um produto profissional.
Nao é sò um simples decorativo para cuarto de criança. Aconselhado



    Non si possono acquistare.... xche ?



      arrivate in 2 giorni,sono propio come in foto,ottimo servizio

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