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Sterilizing Portable Germicidal LED lamp for UVC disinfection with USB




  • Efficient sterilization: ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria, viruses, allergens, molds more effectively. Ultraviolet radiation can remove odours and 99% of bacteria such as fungi, dust mites, viruses, etc.
  • More convenient: the wavelength is 270-280 nm and the best disinfection light can be obtained without chemicals. USB powered for easy installation. Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, sanitary facilities, bedroom, etc.
  • UV lamp with 30 LED beads, environmental protection. Bacteria can be removed safely and naturally without the use of chemicals. The power is only 3W.

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Portable design: the light and comfortable hand design can clean the required area at any time.

Wide application: used in daily personal needs, chopsticks, spoons, cutlery, telephones, desks, toilets, public places, cars, etc. Suitable for the integration of the sterilization of the ultraviolet lamp used in the family environment. Enough for many occasions, it can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, shoe racks, laundries, nurseries, pet rooms, bathrooms, pets, closets, schools, offices and hospitals.
Ultraviolet radiation can cause burns to the skin and eyes, pay attention to protection. Avoid long-term direct exposure to the human body.
It requires people and animals waiting outside during disinfection after thatdisinfection has been completed must also wait more than 40 minutes to complete azene decomposition.
Pay attention to the precious indoor tinted calligraphy to prevent prolonged discoloration of the oxidation of ultraviolet radiation.
Ultraviolet ozone lamp, excellent mites in addition to the particular smell of formaldehyde removal, sterilization without dead angle, kill lower tempera more accurately.
There is a lethal effect of ultraviolet radiation on organic cells. Do not put long-term exposure to pets and plants.
Quick Details
Warranty (Year):
Support Dimmer:
Lighting solutions service:
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Rated Power:
DC5V /> 0.5A
Product Name:
UV-C smart disinfection lights
Chip Brand:
3535 LED
Purple Light
120UW * S / cm2
UV Wavelength:
3 UVC275nm + 6 UVA395nm
18 * 255mm
Power Supply:
USB interface

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Sterilizing Portable Germicidal LED lamp for UVC disinfection with USB

Sterilizing Portable Germicidal LED lamp for UVC disinfection with USB


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